Sister Concerns

Anowara Group started its journey in 1990 as fabric manufacturer with a small scale of production at Narayangonj under the leadership of its experienced entrepreneurs, aiming to become trendsetter as it is today.


  • Anowara Knitting Ltd

    Anowara Knitting Ltd. is one of the quality manufacturers in the group established in 1998 at 33/2-B, Issha Khan Road, Narayanganj, Bangladesh. It produces excellent complicated print quality T-Shirt. Monthly production capacity of the company around 225,000 pcs of T-Shirts.

  • Anowara Cotton Ltd

    Anowara Cotton Ltd. is the corporate head office of Anowara Group situated at 31 Issha Khan Road, Narayanganj, Bangladesh. Its an eight storied modern building established in 2005. The company produces best quality Polo shirt and T-Shirt. Monthly production capacity is 300,000 pcs of T-Shirts and 100,000 pcs of Polo Shirts.

  • Anowara Styles Ltd

    Anowara Styles Ltd. is the stylish T-Shirt production company established in 1995 in a four storied building at Adamjee Road, Siddhirganj, Narayanganj, Bangladesh. Monthly varied T-Shirts production capacity of this factory is 300,000 pcs.

  • Anowara Fashions Ltd

    Anowara Fashions Ltd. is the second biggest factory in the group located at Tatkhana Road, Godnail, Siddhirganj, Narayanganj, Bangladesh and established in 2002. It produces modern fashionable quality T-Shirt. Monthly production of this factory is 375,000 pcs of T-Shirts.

  • Uttara Fabrics ( Pvt. ) Ltd

    Uttara Fabrics has started business in 1991 and located at 98 Mokroba Road, Narayanganj, Bangladesh. This factory has excellent production capabilities also maintain the highest standard quality. The monthly production limit is 200,000 pcs of T-Shirts.

  • Anowara Knit Composite Ltd

    Anowara Knit Composite Ltd. is the five storied latest factory situated at Mulayed, Mauna, Sreepur, Gazipur, Bangladesh which was established in 2005. Our modern dyeing and knitting units are housed here. Monthly production power of this factory is 600,000 pcs of T-Shirts and 80,000 pcs of Polo Shirts.